How to Buy the Right Wifi Booster

Are you having problems streaming your favorite shows and movies despite subscribing to a fast internet plan? You may require a Wifi booster.

Unfortunately, WiFi is not always reliable in terms of overall square footage coverage and sometimes can even appear as slow due to all the various applications (i.e. streaming and gaming) occurring in your home. A simple and efficient solution to this problem is to use a WiFi booster.

A WiFi booster simply speeds up the WiFi router and will “boost” or extend the WiFi network in your home. This network extender also assists with any dead zones that you may have in your residence. Sounds like something you want to add to your WiFi coverage?

Before you go out and buy one, there are quite a few things you need to know in order to buy the right Wifi booster.

1. Types of WiFi Boosters

There are two common types of WiFi boosters. They are usually either WiFi mesh or wired backbone. Let’s go into further details on the differences between these two network extenders.

WiFi Mesh

Wifi Mesh

WiFi mesh, also referred to as WiFi repeaters, wirelessly connect with your router and repeat that signal in another area of the residence.

While many WiFi users pursue this route, a word of caution must be taken: since the WiFi repeater connects to the WiFi network and the devices running WiFi, about half of your bandwidth is used talking to the router to make the connection work.

This means that if you place the WiFi mesh (repeater) farther away from the WiFi system, then you will still experience difficulties with your bandwidth.

Wired-Based Connection

wired base wifi

Just as the name presents, the connection to the WiFi router is a wired one.

What this means for you is that 100% of the WiFi bandwidth is dedicated to all of your wireless devices. You will also experience a very efficient working WiFi system as a result.

You may wonder how fast does a wired connection work when compared against a WiFi repeater. The answer is your wired connection will be around hundreds of Mpbs quicker than the WiFi repeater system.

That makes for a very effective WiFi solution for your home!

Dead or Slow Zones

wifi dead zone

Before making any decisions on the type of WiFi booster you want to purchase, you need to configure where the trouble spots are in your home (or office).

You can either walk around your home with your phone and check the WiFi signal in various locations, or you can get a professional WiFi coverage surveillance company to quickly configure your WiFi performance for you.

Netspot is an option to consider and they have two survey choices available. Both survey options will discover and layout a map of your home or office and show you clearly where your WiFi signals are lacking.

This makes it easier for you to decide if you need a WiFi booster with a lengthy range or if you just need something that works on a smaller scale.

Either way, knowing how many dead zones or trouble spots that you have is a smart way to make the wisest purchase for your situation.

2. Speed of the WiFi Boosters

Another aspect to consider, besides the type of WiFi booster, is the speed that the booster will run on. Do not go any lower than 802.11ac otherwise your project will be null. Old WiFi boosters will be cheaper, but they will decrease your network’s speed at a rapid rate. WiFi network extenders are not an expensive solution to begin with, so do not try to spend as less money as possible because it may backfire on your goal for a more efficient WiFi system.

3. Popular Models to Choose From

If you have decided that a WiFi booster is the perfect solution to your dead zones or slow signal areas, then now is the time to look at what is available on the market. Here are the best possible WiFi boosters you can buy after our intensive research.

Below are a few models to consider purchasing for your home.

  1. TPLink’s RE200: This WiFi extender is very inexpensive, compact, plugs into a wired connection, and even offers a 100 Mbps Ethernet port for any nearby devices that need a wired connection. Tests that were conducted with this WiFi booster state that the WiFi connection was not made worse when connected, so your WiFi performance will not slow down if you purchase this option. The best part of this device is how affordable it is. You can get it for as low as $30.00 new on Amazon.
    TPLink RE200
    Buy on Amazon

  2. Amped Wireless Athena Ex: This product claims that it is the most powerful extender available today, and many websites claim that as a true statement. This device will extend your wireless connection to up to 15,000 square feet. Also noticeable with this WiFi extender is how it reduces buffering while you stream to multiple wireless devices at the same time. This WiFi extender comes with 16 amplifiers, 4 high gain antennas, and the newest WiFi technology. You can also share the power of the device with 8 networks for any guests.
    Amped Athena EX
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  3. Netgear AC1200 WiFi Range Extender EX6150: The Netgear AC1200 WiFi extender is another great buy on the market today. This compact WiFi booster plugs into any home outlet and is virtually hassle-free in regards to installation. Check out this product is $89.99 on Amazon, but due to stellar reviews, it seems worth the extra few bucks.
    Netgear EX6150
    Buy on Amazon


WiFi extenders are an easy and quick solution to any WiFi productivity concerns you may have in your home. They are not very expensive and most do not take up much extra room in your residence. But each WiFi booster is a personal choice that you must make. There are so many brands and varieties out there, but your goal is to get the right one for your specific needs. Also, consider how easy the installation process is for the model that you want to buy.

Enjoy your new wireless booster and good luck with the streaming!

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