Control4: Automated Smart Home Control

Since 2004, Control4 has been leading the home automation market. This is long before the Amazon Echo was created and other such home automation kits started popping up. Control4 puts you in control of your home and is a wise purchase for any homeowner to make. This article will help explain what Control4 is and why it should be a part of your home.

What is Control4

control 4 tablet

Control4 is a home automation system that has been around for almost 20 years. Control4 specializes in high-end technology and products for home automation. Control4 products are professionally installed in your home and are maintained by their support staff. And what products come with a Control4 home system?

The beautiful thing about Control4 is that this home automation kit comes fully loaded. Control4 home systems are capable of controlling and automating security systems, lights, house music, thermostats, televisions, entertainment systems, and so much more.

Control4 takes the lead on everything; you do not have to update anything! All you have to do is enjoy living in a futuristic, smart home environment. You may be wondering how Control 4 keeps up with the latest technology, especially if they have been around for so long. Control4 has an extensive engineering, financial, and technological team at their disposal to ensure that most TV brands, lighting systems, and thermostat types would fit be compatible with the Control4 home automation systems.

Installation Process

Control4 is such an all encompassing and technologically advanced system that you will need some time to get the system up and running in your home. First, you must research and find a Control4 approved dealer and installer. Control4 has a Product Panel portal available on their website, which assists you in finding an approved dealer and also answers questions you may have about the process.

Control4 also advises you to get a few different quotes before settling on a dealer. The dealer will not only install your system and leave. Your dealer will configure and set up your equipment how you want the system to look. Control4 is very customizable, and you can add whatever you would like to be integrated into your system. We will go in more details on Control4 components in a little bit.

When installing the Control4 automation system, you will need to pick out a controller to use. There are a few options to choose from. Some options, such as the CA-1, offers WiFi and Zigbee connectivity which allows you to control your lights, blinds, and electronic locks. This is considered one of the most simple options available for purchase. You can always opt for the CA-10, which has the capability to control thousands of devices. As stated before, Control4 is customizable to fit your needs.

A Further Look at a Control4 Home System

User Interface

Interface Control4

Control4 home automation systems are very simple to control and the user interface is very easy to understand. A nice aspect of Control4 is how the icons are large and noticeable; you will be able to find what you are looking for (i.e. dimming the living room lights), very quickly.


Music Control4

Control4 is compatible with all sorts of music platforms. Whether you have a Pandora subscription or Spotify, Control4 can connect and link your account to play throughout your home. This also works for iHeartRadio, Napster, Tunein, Qobuz, and Tidal music subscriptions as well. Other high-end home automation systems do not have this type of compatibility, which is why Control4 is the leader in high-end home automation systems.

Light Control

Lighting Control4

Control4 has the capability to control all the lights in your house, no matter the size of the home. This is important because the lighting system in your home is probably one of the most used features of a smart home system. Control4 lighting keypads have some features that set it apart from the competitors. One such feature is the ambient light sensor built into their keypads, which enables the back-lighting to turn up or down based on the light of the room the keypad is in.


security control4

Control4 ties into a security system that can arm or disarm your home. This includes sensors, cameras, and electronic door locks. Control4 will have your home protected and feeling secure. Also a good thing to mention is that Control4 has more security connection options than other smart home brands out there.


Intercom Control4

If having an intercom throughout your home is important to you, then Control4 is your best option. The intercom panels throughout the home all have video monitoring and the user interface is very easy to master. You could answer the doorbell with video monitoring, or talk to your teenage daughter while she hides out in her room. The possibilities are endless!

Other smart home automation systems do not have this level of interface and Control4 is the only one with the video intercom panels that are included in the intercom system. No need to seek out a third party, Control4 has all the technology you will need!

Final Takeaways

With over 35,000 devices that Control4 is compatible with, your home will be fully equipped with the best home automation system on the market. Control4 is not just a smart device; it is a complete home automation system designed to bring you comfort and the best technology in smart home control systems.

Control4 is not an option for everyone. These systems range in price, but even the simplest of home automation control systems can be very pricey. But you must not overlook all the benefits of these high-end systems. With Control4 home automation, you get a protected home, a home that is energy efficient, a home filled with music and comfort, and a feeling of safety, Control4 is something that every homeowner should consider because you will be able to protect your family better and have all your devices controlled in one easy location. Control4 support staff is also available for you 24/7.

Consider a Control4 home system for a happier and safer home!

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